Walsall Swimming Gala

On Monday, a team of 8 year 6 children attended the Walsall swimming gala at Walsall Gala Swimming Baths along with 8 other schools. Each swimmer competed in their own individual race based on their most preferred stroke, they then worked as a team to compete in 2 relay races.
The children displayed fantastic effort and commitment and after a tough morning a competition, we finished in 8th place with a total of 108 points with the boys achieving 52 points and the girls achieving 56 points.
A very tough and tiring competition with amazing efforts all round. A huge well done to Ava, Lilly, Mia, Charlotte, Fletcher, Rowan, Lionel and Kai.

Year 2 Healthy Living Workshop

Year 2 have recently taken part in a healthy living workshop held by the Streetly Academy network. This was a fantastic opportunity to revisit the knowledge we had learnt from our autumn science topic ‘Animals including humans’. The afternoon consisted of a variety of activities linking to the eatwell plate, our muscles, bones and daily routines. Year 2’s knowledge and understanding was phenomenal along with their participation and teamwork.

SRP Boccia

At the beginning of February, some of the children in SRP1 and 2 went to Sneyd to take part in Walsall Schools Boccia competition. The children were joined by lots of other children from a variety of primary and secondary schools across the Walsall area. We played 8 games in total to showcase the skills we have been learning in PE. A fantastic and enjoyable day had by all!

KS1 Benchball competition

Year 1 and 2 came together this term to complete their intra competition. The children worked in their house teams to complete against each other in a game of benchball. Although both classes were new to this game, they showed excellent team work, coordination, agility and perseverance. All teams played fantastically and the scores were very close with Red team winning 1 game, Orange team winning 2 games, Green team winning 2 games and Blue team winning an amazing 3 games!

Be the best you can be Autumn term

Each month, Rushall compete in sporting challenges that develop our locomotor, stability and manipulation skills. In order to do this, we join up with our buddy class and aim to beat our score each month. Our scores are recorded and then 2 children from each year group are awarded a certificate for their efforts in improving their scores over the term.

Our Autumn term superstars are Libby (Y1), Alex (Y1), Sophie-Ann (Y2), Abel (Y2), Felicity (Y5), Harjot (Y5), Wyatt (Y6) and Elsie (Y6)

Year 5/6 Kids Cup Football

On Monday 13th November 2023, year 5/6 boys took part in the annual kids cup football tournament at Bescot stadium. The Utilita Kids Cups are national tournaments for primary school children which offer the once in a lifetime opportunity to play at Wembley Stadium!

Although our team have never played or practised together before, they all played brilliantly. The team played 5 games against: Christ Church, Croft Academy, Hillary, Delves and Blue Coat. On the day, the team drew three games, won one game and lost one. It was a superb defensive effort and both Mrs Binks and I are extremely proud of you all.

Well done to Lionel, Aaron, Fletcher, Elliott, Oliver, Joseph, Kai, Archie and Oscar!

Year 3/4 Inspire Bench ball.

Our year 3/4 children took part in an inspire bench ball event at Shelfield Academy. The aim of this event was to develop our teamwork, hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking skills and most importantly to have fun! We started with a warm up followed by learning the basic rules of bench ball. It was then time to play against other schools ensuring we were using communication and teamwork. The children absolutely loved this event and are eager to take part in upcoming sporting competitions.

A huge well done to Chrissie Y3, Sami Y3, Drew Y3, Oscar Y3, Leila Y4, Corben Y4 and Richie Y4.

Year 4 Boys Football Tournament

After school, our year 4 boys entered a local engage football tournament at Ormiston Shelfield Academy. With 10 teams competing altogether, the boys played 4 matches.

The boys played extremely well and showed teamwork, communication, ambition and perseverance.

Despite the boys amazing efforts in their first game, they lost their first match 1-0. However, their confidence and passion soon become evident in their next game with a 1-0 win. Our third game was our most intense game where we drew with 2 goals each.

Finally, our strongest game was against Goldsmith where our boys put everything they had into their final match on the evening. They used their teamwork, decision making and accurate passing and shooting to gain another 2-1 win!

We were all so proud of the boys for their first football competition of the year and they can’t wait to do it all again.

A huge well done to Eddie. M, Ollie. J, Kian. A, Bobby. S-L, Harrison. H, Aaryan. P, Rohan. P, Hunter. P, Corben. R and Blake. H. You all played fantastically!

Warwickshire Cricket – Zach-Year 5

Last year Zach was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to represent Warwickshire Cricket Club under 10’s team over the summer 2023 season. Zach performed extremely well at the highest level of youth cricket available to his age group, but the nature of elite youth cricket requires every player to trial again so that the club can ensure that they have the best players available each season.

Zach once again went through the trial process competing against hundreds of children from around the county and we are extremely proud and happy that Zach has been re-selected for the 2024 season to represent Warwickshire.  

He has worked so hard over the last 12 months to improve for his club and county, which we believe has shown an absolute commitment and work ethic from him to continually push himself to improve and maximise the natural ability that he has. Zach carries himself within that team where he shows passion, desire and will to win whilst retaining humbleness to keep his feet on the ground.  
A huge well done Zach from Rushall!

Judo with Wayne McDonald

Rushall primary school children have been very lucky to be introduced to Wayne McDonald who is a Black Belt 4th Dan and has over 30 years experience of practising judo. Wayne has competed both nationally and internationally for both club and country and our children had the privilege of attending a whole school assembly led by Wayne himself. During this, children could watch some of the judo core skills and had the opportunity to ask Wayne some questions about judo and his personal experiences.

It was then Mr Kirby’s turn to participate in a demonstration of a judo throw, which the children found very entertaining. As well as this, some children were also able to demonstrate some simple judo skills with Wayne to extend their judo knowledge. We are very lucky as Wayne will be leading an after school club for children interested in learning, practicing or developing their judo skills. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts of our children’s fabulous achievements.