Boccia Sporting Challenge

Children at Rushall are thoroughly enjoying being able to participate in the inter-school sporting competitions, despite these unusual circumstances. Over the last two weeks all children have been competing in the Walsall Boccia challenge.

From a seated position competitors, rolled three balls to a Jack 8 metres away. Each of their balls were then measured for distance from the Jack. Participants are trying to achieve their lowest total score with 3 Boccia balls.

The winning distances, from each year group, have now been sent to the Walsall Games group and we are currently waiting to see how our children did against the other Walsall schools.

School Games Success

As we are unable to take part in any inter school sporting events, ‘The School Games’ have devised an exciting programme of virtual competitions running for Black Country schools for the Autumn term.

So far this year, KS2 classes have competed in the Active Mile and Skipping competitions. Staff have seen an improvement in children’s dedication and motivation to sporting competitions.

Last week, ‘The Schools Games’ team had updated the results from the recent skipping competition. Huge congratulations to Fletcher Kendrick (Y3), Ava Yates (Y3), Aaron Quinn (Y3) and Tyler-Jai Hodson (Y4) who all came in the top three for their year groups, in all of Walsall!

Fletcher and Tyler-Jai both came 1st in their year groups, for all of Walsall. We are now eagerly awaiting the results from the Battle of Black Country leaderboard.

Alfie and Riley’s Social Distant Sports Day

Hello Team Rushall,

I hope you and all your families are keeping safe and well.

Yesterday I recieved photographs from Alfie and Riley who wanted to share their fabulous idea of their own socially distant sports day. As we are unable to have our own Rushall Sports Day, the boys cleverly planned a way they could create their own, still adhereing to the 2 metre gap. The boys met at Pelsall Common to complete a variety of different sporting activities.

Very soon details will be announced of Rushall’s Virtual Sports Week, so you can all participate at home, against your school friends.

Stay safe,

Miss Underwood

Sporting Challenge

It is wonderful to hear that lots of you are keeping active while you are staying safe at home. Riley, in Year 6, set himself a challenge; he wanted to try and improve how many keep ups he could do in one go. He set himself his very own ‘be the best you can be’ challenge. His first attempt was 6 (which is more than I can do!), he continued to carry on practising to increase the amount he could do without letting the ball touch the floor. So the next time he was able to do 15, then 17, then 21 and his latest score is 25! Wow – 25 is fantastic Riley.

Here is Riley achieving 15 keep ups before he went on to do a huge 25!

Can you challenge yourself to your own ‘Be the best you can be’? Maybe you want to try Riley’s challenge or think of your very own challenge.

Here are some ideas.

How many skips with a skipping rope without stopping?

How many keep ups with a tennis ball and racket?

How many times can you throw a ball against a wall and catching it?

You can send in photos or videos of your success to let us know how you have got on – we would love to hear from you. Good luck everyone!

Remember it all about improving your own score – try and beat yourself!

Walsall School’s Cross Country Final

This evening three children, from Key Stage 2, have represented Rushall in the Walsall cross country finals. Following the success of Taiyah, Jack and Alfie in the previous competition, they were each selected to compete in the final.

The race took place at Beacon Primary School in Willenhall, with the runners having to complete two laps of their playing field. All of our children did amazingly! Taiyah finished the race in 12th position and now proceeds to the county final, representing Walsall. Jack and Alfie both ran extremely well, against some very strong runners, just missing out on a place in the county finals.

Thanks again to Alfie (Y6), Taiyah (Y5) and Jack (Y5).

Sports Relief 2020

Across school today, our pupils have been raising awareness of Sports Relief. By having fun and getting active, we have been fundraising to improve the lives of individuals in the UK and across the rest of the world. The children and staff all came to school dressed in their sports clothing.

This morning, all classes stopped their lessons to complete our ‘Welly Walk’. The children walked, jogged and some even ran twice around the school field. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event for all.

Sports Relief wristbands have also been on sale all day today. Here are some of the children from Reception who have purchased a band. There are still a few bands remaining. If you would like to purchase one, please see Miss Underwood in Year 2.

Football Friendly vs Goldsmiths and Rivers

This evening, our two footballing teams have played football friendlies against local primary schools – Goldsmiths and Rivers. For many, this was the first time they have represented Rushall and the first time they have played a football match.

The staff are extremely pleased with how well the children continued to fight throughout the games.

Thank you to Alex, Riley, Louie, Alfie M, George, Matthew, Arian, David, Alfie L, Luke, Jerel, Jack, Sienna, Aidan, Skyla, Taiyah and Ethan.

Beat the Baggie Bird Sponsored Penalty Shootout

Today, all of our pupils have taken part in a sponsored penalty shootout. Over the last month, our children and their families have been raising money for the Albion Foundation. Each pupil took three penalties against ‘Baggie Bird’. One winner from each year group was then entered into a final, to compete against each other.

The finalists each took another three penalties to find our school penalty shootout champion. Well done to Riley in Year 6, who scored all three penalties. Riley now goes forward to compete against finalists from other local schools.

Our finalsts – Oscar, Aaryan, Lucian, Isabella, Zach, Heidi, Max, Ethan and Riley.

Thanks again to all of our pupils that have taken part and raised money for such a worthy cause!

Silver for our Y6 Dodgeballers!

This evening, 9 members of Year 6 took part in an inter-school Dodgeball competition at Shelfield Academy. There were 5 other schools participating against us.

The team were unfortunate to lose their first two matches. But went on to win the next four games, including their final for second place. The children worked well tactically as a team and this was evident in the scores. Staff members from other schools also commented on our teams sportsmanship throughout.

Well done and thank you to Alfie L, Alfie M, Arthur, Ellis, La’Myah, Louie, Matthew, Riley and Skyla, for representing Rushall!

Mini Modern Pentathlon

On Tuesday, ARP 2 took part in the SEND Mini Modern Pentathlon at West Croft School near Wolverhampton.

The athletes took part in lots of activities including fencing, target practise, scooter boards and an obstacle course. After each activity, our scores and times were totalled.

We were very pleased to find out we had come 3rd out of 16 other schools! The children are very proud of their sporting achievements!