Football Friendly vs Goldsmiths and Rivers

This evening, our two footballing teams have played football friendlies against local primary schools – Goldsmiths and Rivers. For many, this was the first time they have represented Rushall and the first time they have played a football match.

The staff are extremely pleased with how well the children continued to fight throughout the games.

Thank you to Alex, Riley, Louie, Alfie M, George, Matthew, Arian, David, Alfie L, Luke, Jerel, Jack, Sienna, Aidan, Skyla, Taiyah and Ethan.

Beat the Baggie Bird Sponsored Penalty Shootout

Today, all of our pupils have taken part in a sponsored penalty shootout. Over the last month, our children and their families have been raising money for the Albion Foundation. Each pupil took three penalties against ‘Baggie Bird’. One winner from each year group was then entered into a final, to compete against each other.

The finalists each took another three penalties to find our school penalty shootout champion. Well done to Riley in Year 6, who scored all three penalties. Riley now goes forward to compete against finalists from other local schools.

Our finalsts – Oscar, Aaryan, Lucian, Isabella, Zach, Heidi, Max, Ethan and Riley.

Thanks again to all of our pupils that have taken part and raised money for such a worthy cause!

Silver for our Y6 Dodgeballers!

This evening, 9 members of Year 6 took part in an inter-school Dodgeball competition at Shelfield Academy. There were 5 other schools participating against us.

The team were unfortunate to lose their first two matches. But went on to win the next four games, including their final for second place. The children worked well tactically as a team and this was evident in the scores. Staff members from other schools also commented on our teams sportsmanship throughout.

Well done and thank you to Alfie L, Alfie M, Arthur, Ellis, La’Myah, Louie, Matthew, Riley and Skyla, for representing Rushall!

Mini Modern Pentathlon

On Tuesday, ARP 2 took part in the SEND Mini Modern Pentathlon at West Croft School near Wolverhampton.

The athletes took part in lots of activities including fencing, target practise, scooter boards and an obstacle course. After each activity, our scores and times were totalled.

We were very pleased to find out we had come 3rd out of 16 other schools! The children are very proud of their sporting achievements!

Netball Club

Following October half term, Netball Club has begun for Key Stage 2 children. Jacqui, a professional netball coach, delivers weekly sessions, after school. In the first two sessions, Jacqui has been focusing on improving the children’s passing techniques. They have learnt how to perform the bounce, chest and shoulder pass and also learnt when each of these passes should be used.

Chest pass – most accurate type of pass to move the ball around the court. Typically used for a throw in.
Shoulder pass – used to cover bigger distances.
Bounce pass – most commonly used in the goal circle, to feed shooters.

The team have also had quality play time focusing on improving footwork and learning about the roles of each of the positions. The netballers are looking forward to continuing to improve their skills and eventually entering local inter-school events.

Y3/4 Footballing Stars

Well done to our Year 3 and 4 football team, who competed in our local inter-school competition at Ormiston Shelfield Academy this week. Many of these children have never played competitively before, but have been regularly attending football club with Mrs Binks and Mrs Bird.

The team made excellent progress throughout the four games they played. It was clear to see improvements in their teamwork, passing and communication, resulting in their first win! The children are certainly looking forward to their next competition.

Thank you again to Aidan, Rowan, Max, Jerel, Sienna, Tyler-Jai, Jibran, Kaylen, Miller and Jude.

Cross Country Success

This evening, our cross country team took part in the first race of the season at Cooper and Jordan Primary School. Children from years 5 and 6, were joined with other long distance runners, to compete in Rushall’s first competition of the 2019-2020 season.

All of the children competed amazingly, showing determination throughout!Miss Underwood was proud of everyone’s effort, especially those who had never competed in a cross country competition before. Well done to our Taiyah, Libby, Layla-Jayide, Adam, Annabel, Robyn, Cole, Harrison, Daniel, Liam, Jack, Rene, Lucas, Riley, Arthur, Alfie, Matthew and Louie!

Finally, a special well done to Taiyah, who despite falling at the start, managed to finish 8th in the girls race and Jack who finished 16th in the boys race.

Y5/6 Football at Shelfield

This evening, children from Year 5 and 6 have taken part in the first event of this years sporting calendar. The boys enjoyed playing games against Edgar Stammers and Castlefort. Although the scores may have not gone Rushall’s way, Miss Underwood and Miss Rea were extremely proud of their efforts, ensuring they gave 100% throughout!

Thank you again to Alfie L, Alfie M, David, Ethan, George, Luke, Matthew and Riley for representing Rushall.

European Jujitsu Champions!

Congratulations to Oliver Allum and his older brother Marcus for their amazing achievements in Jujitsu! The European Brazilian Jujitsu  was held at the Aldersley leisure pavilion in Wolverhampton at the weekend. Oliver was in a category with 15 competitors and won the bronze medal! Marcus won the silver medal in his category. What an incredible achievement – we are very proud of them both!

Fantastic Football

What a wonderful week our school footballers have had! Despite the weather trying its hardest to stop us, our footballers from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have played amazingly all week.

The children train every Monday after school to understand the game, learn new skills and enjoy playing the game of football.

Monday- Year 5 and 6 Boys.

Our Year 5 and 6 team have had lots of experiences this year playing together as a team and we have watched them progress and improve over the year. On Monday they continued their brilliant teamwork by competing in the tournament and coming 3rd overall. Well done boys!

Wednesday Year 5 and 6 Girls

On Wednesday, the weather did not put the girls off at all. Their enthusiasm to play was outstanding. For some of our players, this was their first time playing in a competitive game. Their team work and support to each other was wonderful to see. Well done girls.

Thursday -Year 3 and 4 Girls

Another outstanding performance by the girls. Again, this was some of the girls first time taking part in a football match. The girls took part in 5 matches all together and fantastically finished in 2nd place. Well done girls.

Friday – Year 3 and 4 Boys and Year 5 and 6 Boys

Tonight the boys took part in a friendly competition where they had the chance to experience playing against children from other schools was like. The boys enthusiasm and excitement to play was brilliant. A great start to some of our children’s football experiences at Rushall. Well done to all of you boys!!

Thank you to Mrs Binks and Mrs Bird who have trained the children over the last year and helped them to be the best the can be. The children have all grown in confidence immensely. Who knows, we may have footballers of the future! Thank you to all parents, guardians, grand parents and other family members who have been able to support the children (in the rain!), transport them to and from the events and for giving the children the opportunity to play in these tournaments.

Keep up the hard work everyone.