Month: April 2017

Y3 and Y4 Football

Our Year 3 and Year 4 footballers took part in the Walsall Football Club football competition this afternoon.  They played 9 different schools on the brand new astro turf pitch at Bescot Stadium.  They all had a fantastic afternoon playing against other local schools.  Out of the 9 games played, they won 3 and lost 6, they all played well as a team and their confidence improved throughout the games.

Rushall 1 v Castlefort 2
Rushall 2 v Busill Jones 0
Rushall 2 v Goldsmiths 0
Rushall 1 v Christchurch 3
Rushall 0 v Brownhills West 1
Rushall 1 v King Charles 3
Rushall 0 v St. Francis 1
Rushall 4 v Whetstone 1
Rushall 0 v Beacon 2

Well done Alfie, Arthur, Charlie, Dominic, Eleanor, Kheelan, Luke J, Luke H and Riley.