Month: October 2018

Cups and Saucers – Year 1 and 2 Intra – Competition

This half term the children in Year 1 and 2 have been learning how to compete in teams. They have learnt how to play the fast paced game of ‘Cups and Saucers’ in their school team colours. 

This week we have held a final where all the children worked in their team colours to compete for the Autumn Term 1 Champions. 

Her are some pictures of our games. 

Here are our teams. 

Green Team 
Orange Team 
Blue Team 
Red Team 

And the winning team were …. 

The Green Team

Well done to all the children for taking part and trying really hard. 

Dance, Dance, Dance!

We now have two dance troupes in school who are rehearsing some new modern dance routines every Wednesday lunch time.  Children from years 3-6 are practising a dance to a song from Trolls, and the children from year 1 and 2 are practising a routine to a song from Despicable Me.  Keep you eyes peeled for when the children will be ready to perform. Here is a little sneak peak!