Month: November 2018

Archery has arrived at Rushall!

We are very excited to announce that we have began our very own Archery club at school.  We have had our first after school club this evening.  The children have learnt how to set up the Archery range this evening following all the health and safety rules to ensure we stay safe using the equipment.

After we were all set up, the children were given a detailed demonstration of all the steps they needed to follow in order to perfect their aim.  The children all did really well for their first week. Each one has been able to improve their technique just on the first session.  Here are a few pictures of their first lesson.

Would you like to take part in our Archery club?

Cross Country – Round 2

Last night, our cross country runners travelled to Cooper and Jordan Primary School to take part in the next race.  There were more schools taking part this week, which meant that the competition was tough! 

Well done to Erin in Year 6, who was our first finisher in the girls race and Jack in Year 4, who was our first finisher in the boys race. 

Congratulations to all of the children for taking part, Kieran, Charlie, Erin, Madiha, Lucas, Arian, Matthew, Riley, Alfie M, Rene and Jack. 

Football Tournament – Round 1

Yesterday, our Year 5 and 6 boys football team took part in their first football tournament of the school year.  They went to Shelfield Academy to compete with 4 other schools in the cold, wet weather.  The boys played really well as a team and supported each other amazingly.  Team Rushall have their next round coming in the next few weeks.

Well done to Luke H, Dominic W, Charlie M, Kheelan P, Luke J, Louie P, Oliver A and Riley B.

Cross Country

Last night, we had our first cross country race of the season.  This season the courses have been lengthened slightly to try and stretch the children’s long distance running ability.  The children have been training on a Tuesday evening at school with Miss Atkins and Mrs Evans come rain or shine! A group of children from Years 4, 5 and 6 travelled to Beacon Primary School to compete in the 1 mile race. 

Out of nearly 70 girls Grace in Year 6 finished the race in first place! Well done Grace – Keep it up! 

The boys race was very tough, well done to Matthew in Year 5 who was our first finishing boy in 45th place out of over 80 boys. 

All of the children did amazingly! We are so very proud of you. Well done to Grace, Madiha, Rene, Abigail, Luke, Charlie, Dominic, Lucas, Riley, Matthew and Jack.