Sports Day Results

What a fantastic two Sports Days we have had this year. There was so much talent displayed throughout the whole school and all children participated in the races. From running races to skipping races, jumping races to balancing races, individual races to team races and children’s races to adult’s races! The children competed individually but also gained points for their reward teams. Congratulations to the winning teams.

Key Stage 1 Results

1st Place – Blue Team — 400 points

2nd Place – Orange Team – 385 points

2nd Place – Green Team – 385 points

3rd Place – Red Team – 220 points

Key Stage 2 Results

1st Place – Red Team – 1115 points

2nd Place – Green Team – 1110 points

3rd Place – Orange Team – 880 points

4th Place – Blue Team – 870 points

Well done to everyone!

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