Month: May 2020

Sporting Challenge

It is wonderful to hear that lots of you are keeping active while you are staying safe at home. Riley, in Year 6, set himself a challenge; he wanted to try and improve how many keep ups he could do in one go. He set himself his very own ‘be the best you can be’ challenge. His first attempt was 6 (which is more than I can do!), he continued to carry on practising to increase the amount he could do without letting the ball touch the floor. So the next time he was able to do 15, then 17, then 21 and his latest score is 25! Wow – 25 is fantastic Riley.

Here is Riley achieving 15 keep ups before he went on to do a huge 25!

Can you challenge yourself to your own ‘Be the best you can be’? Maybe you want to try Riley’s challenge or think of your very own challenge.

Here are some ideas.

How many skips with a skipping rope without stopping?

How many keep ups with a tennis ball and racket?

How many times can you throw a ball against a wall and catching it?

You can send in photos or videos of your success to let us know how you have got on – we would love to hear from you. Good luck everyone!

Remember it all about improving your own score – try and beat yourself!