Month: October 2022

Be the Best You Can Be – September Champions

There has been a sporting buzz around Rushall recently with the children in all classes completing their first sporting challenges.

During the month of September, buddy classes met to set their target score on three sporting challenges. Here are our September champions, who all set the greatest combined score in running, balancing and catching –

Reign (N), Dottie (N), Luca (R), Maizie-Rae (R), Isla (Y1), Noah (Y1), Leo (Y2), Aaliyah-Rose (Y2), Sienna-Rose (Y3), Ella (Y3), Oscar (Y4), Elliott H. (Y4), Fletcher (Y5), Archie (Y5), Michael (Y6), Aaliyah (Y6), Freddie (ARP) and Lucas (ARP)!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Since returning to school, children from Year 1 to 6 have been attending weekly dance lessons with Miss Rea. The children are practising a dance to pop music piece, I wonder if you recognise it?  Keep you eyes peeled for when the children will be ready to perform the whole thing. Here is a little sneak peak! 

Archery Club

We have restarted our Archery club offering it to children in Year 2 or 3.  It is amazing how many children have expressed their interest in the club and are returning week in, week out!

We have been learning lots of new skills, perfecting our body position and improving our accuracy. The children are thoroughly enjoying the club and getting better and better each week.