Month: July 2023

Rounders Festival

On Monday 3rd July, we were fortunate enough to attend a Rounders Festival at Ormiston Shelfield Acadmey. 

We had some bad news on Friday when we were told that Tyler H had broken his elbow! BUT there were plenty of year 6’s able to step up to the challenge. 

With our team of 9 players, we had a hugely successful day! The children all played phenomenally well and exceeded everybody’s expectations including their own. We played 5 matches and won ALL FIVE!!!! 

See the table below for our ‘smashing’ results!

Ryders HayesRushall
3 ½ 18 ½ 
154 ½ 
712 ½ 
Walsall WoodRushall
715 ½ 

Not only did the children demonstrate their impressive rounders skills and understanding of the game, but their teamwork shone brighter and brighter throughout the day.  Our players were even giving helpful tips and praise to players from other schools. This made staff feel very proud.

Every player was a superstar but it would be unfair not to mention the awesome batting from Noah Crutchley, catch of the century from Michael Till, and utterly amazing teamwork between Aaliyah Porter and Emily Jones – we lost count of the number of players stumped out on 1st base because of their incredible skills!!!

The children made us so so proud to belong to Team Rushall!!

Another fantastic memory of Year 6 at Rushall!