Judo with Wayne McDonald

Rushall primary school children have been very lucky to be introduced to Wayne McDonald who is a Black Belt 4th Dan and has over 30 years experience of practising judo. Wayne has competed both nationally and internationally for both club and country and our children had the privilege of attending a whole school assembly led by Wayne himself. During this, children could watch some of the judo core skills and had the opportunity to ask Wayne some questions about judo and his personal experiences.

It was then Mr Kirby’s turn to participate in a demonstration of a judo throw, which the children found very entertaining. As well as this, some children were also able to demonstrate some simple judo skills with Wayne to extend their judo knowledge. We are very lucky as Wayne will be leading an after school club for children interested in learning, practicing or developing their judo skills. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts of our children’s fabulous achievements.

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