Year 4 Boys Football Tournament

After school, our year 4 boys entered a local engage football tournament at Ormiston Shelfield Academy. With 10 teams competing altogether, the boys played 4 matches.

The boys played extremely well and showed teamwork, communication, ambition and perseverance.

Despite the boys amazing efforts in their first game, they lost their first match 1-0. However, their confidence and passion soon become evident in their next game with a 1-0 win. Our third game was our most intense game where we drew with 2 goals each.

Finally, our strongest game was against Goldsmith where our boys put everything they had into their final match on the evening. They used their teamwork, decision making and accurate passing and shooting to gain another 2-1 win!

We were all so proud of the boys for their first football competition of the year and they can’t wait to do it all again.

A huge well done to Eddie. M, Ollie. J, Kian. A, Bobby. S-L, Harrison. H, Aaryan. P, Rohan. P, Hunter. P, Corben. R and Blake. H. You all played fantastically!

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