Rounders Festival

On Monday 3rd July, we were fortunate enough to attend a Rounders Festival at Ormiston Shelfield Acadmey. 

We had some bad news on Friday when we were told that Tyler H had broken his elbow! BUT there were plenty of year 6’s able to step up to the challenge. 

With our team of 9 players, we had a hugely successful day! The children all played phenomenally well and exceeded everybody’s expectations including their own. We played 5 matches and won ALL FIVE!!!! 

See the table below for our ‘smashing’ results!

Ryders HayesRushall
3 ½ 18 ½ 
154 ½ 
712 ½ 
Walsall WoodRushall
715 ½ 

Not only did the children demonstrate their impressive rounders skills and understanding of the game, but their teamwork shone brighter and brighter throughout the day.  Our players were even giving helpful tips and praise to players from other schools. This made staff feel very proud.

Every player was a superstar but it would be unfair not to mention the awesome batting from Noah Crutchley, catch of the century from Michael Till, and utterly amazing teamwork between Aaliyah Porter and Emily Jones – we lost count of the number of players stumped out on 1st base because of their incredible skills!!!

The children made us so so proud to belong to Team Rushall!!

Another fantastic memory of Year 6 at Rushall!

Benchball: ENGAGE

This evening, children from Years 3 and 4 attended Ormiston Shelfield for the Engage Benchball Festival. The focus of the evening was to become familiar with the rules, tactics and skills involved in Benchball before applying these within friendly situations.

Noah, Dylan, Skye, Catherine, A’Riyah-River, Felicity, Oscar, Rhys, Leo and Elliott showed great enthusiasm throughout. As the evening went on, they all became more confident at thinking tactically to attack and defend. Even Miss Underwood and Miss Whitehouse couldn’t help to join in, in some action.

A fabulous sporting evening had by all!

Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament

Thursday 16th March 2023

After school, our Year 5 and 6 boys entered a local football tournament at Ormiston Shelfield Academy. With eight teams competing altogether, the boys played 7 matches.

The boys played extremely well throughout with excellent goalkeeping, defending, passing and shooting displayed in all games.

Despite the boys having lots of possession in the first two games, they drew both of them 0-0.
They then went onto to win their next two games 1-0, building their confidence in their positions as they went.

With a few controversial decisions, the boys undeservingly drew the following game 2-2. Heads were high again after another win 1-0 against Goldsmiths.

Before finally playing a very strong St Micheal’s team who had not lost a game. The boys battled well and it was end to end throughout. The game finished 1-0 to St Michael’s – very close!

The staff that attended were filled with pride watching such thrilling football games filled with passion, teamwork and dedication.

Well done to Tyler-Jai, Noah C., Noah W, Yuvi, Jude, Miller, Wyatt, Fletcher and Kai. You should all be so proud of the effort you put in!

Well-Being Day: ‘Self Care’

Today, the children at Rushall have taken part in the first well-being day of this academic year. Today’s well-being day has focused on ‘self-care’. In classes, the children have learnt that ‘self-care’ is all about learning to look after yourself and it encompasses both our physical and mental health. Physical activity can support your own self-care and make you feel happier. To celebrate, classes were invited to take part in either Yoga and Mindfulness or Team Building sessions with Coach Liam.

Key Stage 1 – Yoga and Mindfulness:

The Yoga and Mindfulness activities focused on the children’s breathing. They inhaled deeply through their noses and exhaled through their mouths. They lay down and watched their cones move up and down in rhythm with their breathing.

Key Stage 2 – Team Building Activities:

These sessions helped the children to think carefully about the skills needed to be successful when working as a team. They focused on developing children’s communication, problem solving and tactical skills.

Should you want to find out more about self-care you can watch this short clip –

‘Kids Cup’ Football Competition

This week, children from Year 5 and 6 have competed in a Walsall schools football tournament, at Bescot Stadium. The Utilita Kids Cups are national tournaments for primary school children which offer the once in a lifetime opportunity to play at Wembley Stadium!

Although our team have never played or practised together before, they all played brilliantly. The team played 4 games against: Old Hill, St Bernadettes, St. Giles and Busill Jones. On the day, the team drew three games and lost one. It was a superb defensive effort and both Mrs Binks and I are extremley proud of you all.

Well done to Lionel, Joshua, Fletcher, Wyatt, Miller, Jude, Emily and Tyler-Jai!

County Cricket Success!

A huge congratulations to Zach who has been selected to play for the Warwickshire County Cricket under tens squad for the 2023 season. He has worked extremely hard, not only to be recognised and nominated but also to participate in two trials amongst extremely talented players from across the county. 

Zach is the youngest player in the Warwickshire academy system, and to have been selected from over 1000 nominees across the county is an exceptional achievement!

Well done Zach – we are so, so proud to hear this news and wish you every success with your cricket in the future!

Be the Best You Can Be – September Champions

There has been a sporting buzz around Rushall recently with the children in all classes completing their first sporting challenges.

During the month of September, buddy classes met to set their target score on three sporting challenges. Here are our September champions, who all set the greatest combined score in running, balancing and catching –

Reign (N), Dottie (N), Luca (R), Maizie-Rae (R), Isla (Y1), Noah (Y1), Leo (Y2), Aaliyah-Rose (Y2), Sienna-Rose (Y3), Ella (Y3), Oscar (Y4), Elliott H. (Y4), Fletcher (Y5), Archie (Y5), Michael (Y6), Aaliyah (Y6), Freddie (ARP) and Lucas (ARP)!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Since returning to school, children from Year 1 to 6 have been attending weekly dance lessons with Miss Rea. The children are practising a dance to pop music piece, I wonder if you recognise it?  Keep you eyes peeled for when the children will be ready to perform the whole thing. Here is a little sneak peak! 

Archery Club

We have restarted our Archery club offering it to children in Year 2 or 3.  It is amazing how many children have expressed their interest in the club and are returning week in, week out!

We have been learning lots of new skills, perfecting our body position and improving our accuracy. The children are thoroughly enjoying the club and getting better and better each week.

Be the Best You Can Be!

Over the last week, all children have been completing their first ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ sporting challenges. The children have worked incredibly hard to with their partner classes to take on our latest activities.

This term, the children will be completing three individual challenges, these are: shuttle run, star jumps and throwing and catching. Next month, the classes will meet together again where they will complete the same activities again to see if they can beat their scores.

Come back soon, to see our September sporting heroes!